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Hey. You know what’s super rad and super hip? Hard-to-read misshapen letters in horrible colors. Yes, people will be in awe of your artistic prowress when you paint illegible, mysterious words in twisted letters on the sides of buildings and railroad cars. In a style that has been ugly and boring since the time it was hatched, no less! Better yet, make sure it’s your name so that people will immdiately see how ‘unique’ and ‘different’ and ‘funky’ you are.

Nothing proves how more urban you are than to spray-paint a giant mess of mangled characters that form a puzzle which can only be figured out by people who are as equally urban as you. Forget about painting interesting scenes or portraits or legible messages on walls. Instead, use Krylon as a salve for your ego. Perpetuate a tired style that is as unappealing as it is trite.

And, better yet, let’s make this kind of writing into a million different idiotic fonts that people can use on their websites to signify that their products are true inner-city.

Oh, and don’t forget to use a super-large signature on your grafitti so that everyone knows how important you are.

I wish this style would have died with 1997.
Maybe I’m just bitter cause I haven’t had coffee in 6 days.

Currently listening to 311. What, aren’t you?


Written by pocheco

June 6, 2007 at 3:43 pm

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