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Well, it’s day seven of No Sweets June/H20 June. And I’m happy to report, that, for the first time in a week, I didn’t feel caffeine withdrawls this morning. When I came into work, I walked by the coffee, and it smelled good, but it’s not like I can’t avoid it. At least I didn’t get a headache or a stomach ache today. I’ve been doing good on the no sweets thing too, which is a challenge, seeing as the house I live in always has them lying around. Plus I have the benefit of having my friend Justin texting me everynight to make sure I haven’t cheated. He’s like my AA sponsor, only, instead of AA, it’s SA.

Last night, Faith came over with her kids to get their hair done. So the house was kind of Grand Central Station. There was so much activity going on that I couldn’t really concentrate. So I decided to go to the gym to escape for a while. When I got into the gym, I realized that I had forgot to bring my locker padlock with me, and so I had to carry my purse around with me while I exercised.

I decided to do the Stairmaster, because there’s a little platform at the top that would hold my purse so I could watch it. I did a low-medium level, 6, and set it for 30 minutes. After ten minutes, I had HAD it with the Stairmaster. I like the Stairmaster, but I really have to be in the mood to do it. So, I got off the Stairmaster, and, completely unmotivated, left the gym. I had been there for a total of 12 minutes. What a shame. Sometimes, however, I feel that just forcing myself to go the gym, even if I don’t stay long, is good, because I get into the routine of going there. I planned better today and packed my lock and a change of clothes so I can got there on the way home. That’s easier for me.

When I returned home, and it was still a busy house. So, I picked up my library copy of The Jungle and headed over to a nearby Starbucks that has this amazing outdoor patio. I was tempted to get an iced coffee, but I ended up getting a bottle of Ethos, the water that Starbucks sells that supports some cause that has to do with clean water for children across the world. It didn’t taste any different, but I really liked the shape of the bottle. Nowadays, my life is filled with water bottles. I have two in my car, two at my desk at work, one or two at my desk at home, and I’ve taken to always carrying one around with me, which is advised when you live in the desert.

I’m pleased to report that, now, in most cases, it doesn’t bother me to choose water over another drink like soda or beer, or sometimes even coffee. And that’s ultimately why I chose to do this: So, that when this month is up, and I release myself to drinking coffee and soda again, that maybe I won’t do it as much as I used to, but instead will opt for drinking water much more often.

It worked with TV, anyway. When I gave up TV for lent, it wasn’t a big deal. And since lent, I’ve been watching way less TV overall. I’m not a huge TV person to begin with, but, now, I watch it even less. I don’t really even watch The Simpsons much, which is probably my favorite show ever.

Today, Tuisdie and I went up to the food court of the Venetian for lunch. The food is is ridiculously expensive, even with our Venetian employee discount. A slice of stuffed pizza and a bottle of water was almost $10.00. I feel sorry for the tourists who don’t get the discount. We went to a little place called L.A. Italian, which was actually quite good. It was nice to talk with Tuisdie, we had a good conversation and she’s a good listener. I don’t think I’ve been up to lunch in the Venetian in maybe two months.

Now I’m back at my desk, with really nothing to do until I leave, in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I’m feeling sleepy. Guess I’ll drink a couple of bottles of water to see if that helps.

Currently listening to..hammering.

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June 7, 2007 at 7:40 pm

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