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There are so many things happening in my life right now that it’s hard to think about them all at once. And they’re mostly good things, so I’m happy about that.

First off, this is the last week I’ll be working at Taylor International, the construction company at the Venetian hotel. I’ve been slowly telling everyone that I’m leaving, and that’s helping me fully realize the change that’s taking place. I haven’t been here for all that long, but 5 months is enough time to get pretty settled in a job. I’m going to miss some of my coworkers, and I’m going to miss how easy this job is, but I am excited to get back into design.

I start my new job next Monday, and am more than a little nervous. I haven’t worked in a design office in about 10 months, so that will be a change. And while I have been doing freelance work on the side to keep myself fresh, I feel like I’m under this huge pressure to perform well at my new job, less I get axed (which is what they alluded to during the interview.)

My last design job was more production than it was anything else, but I have a feeling this job will incorporate more design, which is much harder than production. Basically, production is taking something that’s already been created and formatting and processing it to be ready to be printed, so it’s all very systematic and linear. But design is a much more creative, organic and abstract task. It’s about coming up with stuff that didn’t exist before.

I love good design and when I see it, whether it be in design magazines or galleries or grocery stores, I am reminded of why I am in this field in the first place. And, generally, when I do design, I’m usually pretty happy with the finished results. It’s the beginning of the project which is scary; you’re faced with inventing something that is creative, expressive and functional. Pulling those things out of the abyss of imagination is a scary task. That’s why, when people tell me, “Oh, you’re creative, I could never do something like that!” I always tell them, “Yes, you could, it just takes a lot of thinking and a lot of patience.” Which, of course, I have very little time to think or be patient in my new job. Advertising is all about getting things out fast and furious to meet that ever-looming deadline.

Creativity and artistic abilities don’t necessarily come from talent. I suppose there are people out there who have pure, raw talent, but I’m just not one of them. Everything I do has come from study and practice and experience. And so it bothers me when people dismiss me or other creative people as being born with talent, as if it was a gift bestowed upon me, as if I didn’t have to do anything to get it. That just isn’t the case. I’ve had to work for what skill I have, and, if they would work at it too, they could be just as creative. Anyway, I digress.

So, I’m nervous about the new job: How I’ll get along with my coworkers, and whether or not they’ll like me or my design or methods, and if they’ll decide that I’m not worthy of the job and kick me out. All these things are stupid to worry about, but, I do it anyway. I’ll be happy to have the first 3 months of the job behind me. Then, I’ll know a bit more where I stand, and I’ll be much more comfortable and confident in my work.

Also, in other news, after some shaky events at home, I have finally decided to move out, come July 1. I am very excited about it. I’ll be a tenant in a 4 bedroom house with one other person in a fairly new area of Henderson, which is a neighboring town/suburb of Las Vegas. I drove out yesterday to see the house. It’s a full half hour drive from my sister’s house. But really, most places are, as this is a really large, expansive city, with most of my friends and family living on the outer edges.

The house is on a nice street in a culdesac, a street with a funny name, Color Magic. It’s very southwestern looking, and has a nice balcony and all the modern amenities. It’s located along St. Rose Parkway, which is a highway that spans a long, dry, sandy plane, not too far from the edge of the valley that is near the Sierra Nevadas. It’s such a new part of town that there aren’t really any commercial buildings around for a couple of miles, just houses and big empty tracts of land that are, I’m sure, intended for stores and gas stations and whatever.

Except for a couple of times in college, I’ve never lived with a stranger before, and in college, it was only 10 weeks at a time before we changed rooms again. This is on a much more long scale time-frame (although I’m not bound by any amount of time, which is nice). The girl who owns the house seems pretty nice, and it appears that she isn’t home very often. So, basically, I’ll be moving from my sister’s house, which is a bit of a zoo, to a nearly empty house in an isolated neighborhood. But I’m pretty ok with that, cause I do actually like spending time by myself a lot.

Also, I’ll have much more time to work on my art and to read undisturbed, which I am looking forward to. Plus, the other benefit of living in Henderson is that my job is in Henderson, too. It’s only a 9.5 mile drive there, which I clocked yesterday at 21 minutes (as opposed to the 35-40 minute drive I’ll have to drive for the first couple of weeks I work there while still living at my sister’s).

I like the little neighborhood around my job, there’s a Trader Joes and lots of little restaurants and coffee shops, and I also found that my gym has a branch location that is on my way to my new home from my new job, so that will work out perfectly! Also, the woman whom I’m moving in with offered me use of a bed, a nightstand and a dresser, so I don’t have to buy any of that stuff.

All this happened so fast, the job and the new place to live, that I’m still reeling from it all a little bit. It hasn’t quite sunk in and it probably won’t until Friday, when I have my last day at Taylor. I’m nervous, excited, and anxious. But it’s a good and hopeful feeling.


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June 11, 2007 at 3:03 pm

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