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8:42 a.m.–Can I Go Home Now?

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Ugh. I’m bored. I don’t really have much to do these last few days of work. I ran out of stuff to do pretty early this morning, so I ate my lunch to pass the time and because I’ve been strangely extra hungry lately. Now I won’t have a lunch. I put way too much mustard on the sandwich. I guess can always eat some oatmeal I have stashed up on the shelf here at work if I get hungry later. Or, if I’m desperate, the 16 day old chili that’s sitting in the fridge. Nah, better pass.

My boss is back from her four week medical leave, but is so busy catching up with her duties that she really hasn’t been giving stuff for me to do. I guess I could pack up my personal stuff around the office, but that seems a little premature. It looks like they won’t be finding a replacement for me until after I leave, so I have no one to train. So, all I’ve got to do now is wait until Friday comes and then I can leave.

The water thing is going pretty OK. To be honest I’m kinda surprised I’ve made it this far without any failures. I had my first real craving for sugar last night, and it was an odd feeling, cause I’ve barely ate any thing with much sugar in it for the past couple of weeks (unless you count fruit). And I certainly haven’t eaten anything intentionally sweet. I thought my insulin levels would have leveled out by now and not cause me to crave sugar.

This morning when I came into work, someone had brough in a big canister of Nestle Cappuchino Vanilla coffee mix. It was tempting! It sounded so good this morning. So I’ve just been staying out of the kitchen so I don’t go into a trance and drink five cups of it.

Water, water, water! Got to tell myself to think water.

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June 12, 2007 at 3:48 pm

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