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Bored Part II

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So, I’m back here at the blog again because I am still bored. It would be one thing if I could read a book or listen to my iPod, but I think they frown upon that here. It’s now 10:23, and I have one hour and seven minutes until lunch, followed by more boredom. Sigh. So, to pass the time, I’m going to write a little meme thing about myself.

I rarely do these, but I thought I would, cause, hell what else have I got to do until four o clock? I mean, I already ate my lunch, so there’s not a whole lot left to do. To make matters worse, I’m excited about getting out of here because Andrea and I are going out to dinner at this exotic taco place and then out for a night of comedy. Plus I need a nap. I’m considering going out to my car at lunch and taking a little nap.

Anyway, here goes:

Name: Sarah
Age: 27
Birthdate: October 8
Sign: Libra

Birthplace: Brookings, South Dakota
Place of current residence: Las Vegas, NV
Past places of residence: Boston, MA, Elsah, IL, Broken Arrow, OK, East Stroudsberg, PA, Sioux Falls, SD

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Hobbies: Drawing and other art stuff, reading, cooking, camping, other outdoorsy stuff

Favorite Tastes: Truffles (mushroom kind), authentic street tacos, snickerdoodle cookies, sashimi, carrot cake, brownies, pineapple, goat milk cheese, cafe con leche, fresh bagels toasted with cream cheese, sugar cookies with frosting, Peeps, rasberry mead, bread pudding with chocolate chips

Favorite Smells: The inside of newly printed books (ink), firewood burning, esp. juniper, frying bacon, coffee, the changing of the seasons, cedar, and I like skunk if it’s at a distance

Favorite Sounds: cicadas, katydids, fire crackling, the sound of pig feeder lids hitting the trough once the pigs have removed their heads and the lid crashes down (from childhood memories), robot bleeps

Favorite Sights: hot air balloons, the Big Dipper, mountains, bodies of water, fresh fruits in big stacks at markets, dust devils, blue skies, herds of animals, water towers on the horizon, palm trees

Favorite Tactiles: warm sand, how i feel weightless when curled in fetal position about three feet below surface of pool water, cold feather pillows, fur, pink rubber balls, tree bark, vinyl toys

Favorite Animal(s): Aardvarks, Yaks, Dogs, Donkeys, Red Pandas, Barn Owls, Octopi

Favorite Places: Red Rock Canyon, Caniama in Venezuela, my grandparent’s old farm in Flandreau, South Dakota, Kennebec River in Maine, Boston, the Pedestrian Bridge in Tulsa, Belltrees Road in Elsah, Illionois, Mesa Verde in Durango, & New Mexico

Heroes: Margarite Bourke-White, Damien Hirst, Howard Cosell, Spencer Tunick, Charles Darwin, Vladimir Nabkov, and Zeloot, oh, and Davy Crockett

Things that I can’t stand: People talking obsessively on their cell phone, people who interrupt, or appear to be not listening, but only waiting for their chance to speak, people who talk loudly about how tough they are, traffic, overcast skies with no rain, cleaning the bathroom, olives, cauliflower, televised football, basketball and baseball, women who affect thier voices to make them sound cuter in the presence of men

Things you’ll never see me doing: getting a boob job, skydiving, watching almost any reality show on TV with maybe two exceptions, curling my eyelashes in the car during busy traffic, giving birth, buying anything made by Louis Vitton or Coach, swimming in the middle of a big lake, smoking crack

My biggest fears: Large fish I can’t see below me, premature death, losing my sight, never getting out of debt, losing enthusiasm

My worst habits: Snooze button, picking my nose, getting angry in traffic, impatience with children, not speaking up enough

Things I wish would have happened to me as a kid but never did: Raised by wolves

Ok, I guess I could go on, but it’s now lunch time! Yay. Also, I think I have some new work to do that will get me through the day, yay.



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June 12, 2007 at 5:23 pm

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  1. My, you were bored.
    But hey cheer up! If you are serious about liking Spencer Tunick, we have just the site for you. The Spencer Tunick Forum,
    Founded by two participants for those who appreciate Spencer’s art whether or not they have participated. We have news and participant photos, some of Spencer’s work including some of his lesser know individual portrits. We have accounts by those who participate, including from the two most recent events, Mexico City and Amsterdam. No porn and no spam.Come and join us
    I share some of your heros,Davy was one of my first, but don’t know Zeloot or Hirst. Now I’ll have to Google them.I love the photography of M. Bourke-White, who spent some time here in Cleveland. I would think you a bit young for Howard Cosell, but I always liked him, though I don’t like sports.

    Roger Coss

    June 14, 2007 at 4:35 pm

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