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Last day at Taylor!

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Well, it’s my last day working for Taylor at the Venetian. It’s 8:05 and that means I have about 7.5 hours left to work. I got a gift from my sweet boss and today there’s a big ‘topping off’ party on the theater footprint today, as well. We’ll get free food and t-shirts. I’m looking forward to that! I am going to take as many pictures of the hotel as I can today (probably mostly from the inside).

Anyway, tonight, coworkers are helping me celebrate my departure at PTs Pub just down the street. It should be fun! I’ll post pictures later.

Also, today marks the halfway period of No Sweets June/H2O June. And, although it’s been a big adjustment getting used to drinking water, the no sweets bit of it has come relatively recently. I think I may have even lost a pound or two, woo! Anyway, I still want coffee every morning, but other than that, I think I’ve gotten used to just having the water, which is a small miracle for me. Considering that there probably wasn’t a day in my life where all I drank was water until this Month, drinking nothing but water for 15 days feels like quite an accomplishment.


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June 15, 2007 at 3:05 pm

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