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Blurry Dance

From the finale at Mariah’s dance recital at Cashman Theater in Las Vegas. It turned out so blurry, but for some reason, I really like it anyway. Especially the girls in blue.

Well, I haven’t written a blog in like 9 days. So much is changing and I don’t have any free time at my new job, like I did at Taylor.

It’s 100 degrees out right now, and it’s going to be 106 today. And it’s Just barely summer now. We’ve passed the Summer Solstice. But it’s only going to keep getting hotter here in the desert until September.

The new job is going pretty well but I still need another 2-3 weeks there to feel comfortable. But I’m happy to be working in a new job. I’m moving into another house next weekend, and I have to start packing today. I’m very excited to move into my own place. I’m elated to have all the great changes in my life, but they’re a lot to handle. I’ve been continually exhausted and been sleeping a lot and working the rest of the time. Until I get settled in my new job, and my new house, I probably won’t be writing much. But lots of fun things have happened in the past few days, and I’m going to show some pictures here, for the record:

Mariah, dancing, far right
Mariah’s Dance Group (she’s second from right)

The Christian Science Church in Boulder City, Nevada
Last Sunday, for the first time in about a year, I went to Church at the little Christian Science church in Boulder, NV. Andrea and I want to go to several different churches of different religions for religious “enrichment”. So we went to this one first. I’ll probably do a massive post about it later after we’ve gone to other churches.

The Coffee Cup Cafe in Boulder City
We went to the Coffee Cup Cafe after church for lunch. It was great, as usual. I love the Coffee Cup.

View of the Las Vegas Strip, from the East
A shot of the Las Vegas strip from the East. I’ve been living here 9 months now!

Drag Show at Freezone, in the Fruit Loop, Las Vegas
A drag queen at a gay bar in The Fruit Loop in Las Vegas. She was singing a Celine Dion song.

Pauline and Kevin, at PTs, my last day at Taylor
Friends Pauline and Kevin at PT’s Pub, at my Taylor goodbye party.

Tuisdie & I at the Palazzo topping off Party, June 15, 2007
Tuisdie & Me, at the Palazzo Topping Off party, where they inserted the very last steel beam into the Palazzo hotel.

The Palazzo, at the Topping Off party
View of the Palazzo from the Theater Footprint. This is the building in June of 2007, slated to be completed by August or September of 2007.There was random paper debris falling from the top. I think you can see some of it in this picture.

Me, loving the weight bearing column in my office that's covered with fireproofing.
Me in my office, 30 feet underground the largest hotel in the world. That’s a load bearing column I’m hugging there. It’s kind of big and ugly and covered in white, rough fireproofing.

Book Club, June 2007
Jay, Allison and I at our first book club. We read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

Roller Derby, Las Vegas
Roller Derby Game. It was Las Vegas Neanderdolls vs. Chicago. Our team lost. 😦

Well, I’m moving next week, and then when I get settled I’ll probably write more blogs.

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June 24, 2007 at 7:32 pm

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  1. That gun belt-buckle is hot.


    June 26, 2007 at 3:11 pm

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