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My New Neighborhood

Tonight I went out with my roommate for dinner at a new pub right next to our house, called Remedy’s. We had pub food and beer and it was nice to talk to her; I barely know her at all.

After a couple of drinks and a club sandwich, we left. Instead of going home, I drove down the lonely, dry St. Rose parkway, past the executive airport onto an industrial-looking area of unpaved road cutting through the desert on its way to the mountains. I drove out onto the white gravel, to a construction site that looked like it had been abandoned. There were no signs saying “no entry”, so I just drove on to where the gravel ended.

All around were piles of dirt and a tractor, but no signs of people. I parked my car, and left the radio on..I think something by John Fogerty was playing. I climbed onto the hood of my car, still hot from the 106 day temperatures today. I sat and looked toward the east…streetlights of Henderson at the foot of a mountain turning on as the sunlight begins to disappear. To the north, more empty construction site. To the west, the mountains, hazy with oranges pinks lavenders and yellows. And, to the north, Las Vegas, although a large pile of gravel conveniently shielded me from having to stare at that just then.

There are several layers of mountains to the west, the lowest ones getting mixed up with the piles of gravel near me. Cranes behind the piles always remind me of dinosaurs.

It was just me, and John Fogerty, hanging out on the hood of my car, watching the light grow dim on the mountains, beyond the acres of black brush on desert land, with the occasional plane drifting by. Everything was covered in such a pretty light.

I can’t remember a moment when I have felt more at peace here in Nevada than I do right now. I feel my shoulders slowly, slowy relaxing because I feel immense relief.

Currently listening to “Blind”, by TV on the Radio, on repeat.


Written by pocheco

July 12, 2007 at 9:13 am

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