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Of Donkeys, Flamingos and Temp Jobs

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The Old West
The Old West–a photo I took in Red Rock Canyon

As those of you who’ve been reading my blog know, I’m out of a steady job these days. So, while I’m looking, I’ve decided to work a temp job to help pay some bills. I started one today for a nice company called the Morgans Hotel Group, which is located on the 15th floor of the Wells Fargo tower on Howard Hughes Parkway, right next to the quaint and cuddly Las Vegas Boulevard.

I like the job, it’s so super easy and the people are quite friendly. I am a receptionist, and basically I just answer phones and make coffee. I heard rumors of maybe having to do a spreadsheet as well. It’s one of those perfect tide-you-over jobs, because they don’t care if I’m surfing the Internet all day looking for new jobs or if I’m just answering email or typing blogs, like I’m doing right now. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my online life, which often gets neglected, especially during the summer.

Plus, they offer free Perrier, other bottled water, and basic soups, nuts and other stuff free of charge. Morgans Hotel Group owns the Hard Rock Hotel, and it is currently under expansion, so that is an interesting undertaking; it’s a cool hotel. I have two to three weeks here before I am finished, and I can honestly say that, after the atmosphere of today, what with the tons of free time and the kind people, I am looking forward to every day I come here.

However, the best part is, they don’t care if I read. So, I’m going to try to wisely use this mini-employment term to a)look for other jobs and b)read as many books as I can, because I put off reading when I’m at home in favor of the Internet. Well, I’m getting my total fill of both books and the Internet during the work day, because answering phones is cake. And hopefully, I’ll be able to better focus on the donkey comic at night.

Chops and I met yesterday to hang out and talked a little bit about it over coffee. I think we’re getting somewhere, albeit slowly. I met a comic book artist at First Friday this past weekend and he was inspiring. I need to get going on the donkey comic. It never really leaves my mind; I think about it every day, it’s just that, without a routine in my life, I so rarely make time for drawing. I know it’s an excuse, but there it is.

Anyway, in preparation for this comic, I recently purchased a book called Donkey: The Mystique of Equus Asinus which is both a book of its natural history as well as its more-than-common presence in culture and literature, and a comment on the nature and personality of the beast of burden. The people who wrote it, Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison, really love donkeys. Really love them. The book is endearing because of the apparent love of the animal by the authors.

Donkeys really do leave a large footprint in world history, in part because they have been able to adapt to so many climates, and also because they are such strong and sociable creatures. I love donkeys myself but, through reading this book (and I’m only a third of the way through) have come to really love donkeys as well.

As suspected and hoped, the book is a wealth of literary and artistic references for my greedy comic book. I’m finding names of donkeys from all kinds of books and movies. It’s very exciting. Hopefully there’s a similar book for foxes, because they play an equally important role in Chop’s and my comic.

Well, I still have two hours left to fill on this Monday, so I’m going to get back to reading and drinking Perrier. That’s the life!

PS: I saw last night, for the first time, Pink Flamingos over at the Chops House, with Chops and The Beave. I watched every scene with some flinching, up until the very last scene, which I refused to watch, and I feel better for it. Gross, and not very likeable, but I’m glad to have seen it. Chops brought up an interesting point, because, after I told him that I didn’t like it, he said to me “But would you have liked it if you saw it when you were 17?” To which I had to admit that yes, I would have liked it then. Haha, it is shocking, I’ll give it that.

Currently listening to: the loud clicking sound of this keyboard.

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August 6, 2007 at 9:35 pm

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  1. I really can’t wait to see your donkey comic.

    I was sad to hear about the job, but don’t let it get you down. You are intelligent and talented. You’ll find a place that is a good fit.

    I still haven’t seen Pink Flamingos. I guess I never put on my list of shit to do. I might have to. Should I?


    August 7, 2007 at 3:50 pm

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