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dangerous boys on my bed
How often do I get to say that Dangerous Boys are on my bed? Not very.

new green cowboy lamp
Got a new green cowboy lamp today. ‘Cowboy’ cause it has hide and whip stitch.

blue friends
Blue friends

toys at colour magic
Toys at Colour Magic Street

gumby with hindu jazz hands
Gumby with Hindu Jazz Hands

man's best friend, moony
Man’s best friend, Moony

helper, ganesh, rubbery centipede and 'puter
Mini-Helper with Ganesh, the Handy Hindu finger puppet

the elephant man with bigfoot
The Elephant Man, or Bigfoot, the Danish-American

shelves with looky
Looky with Bugs and books

deer flask and books and ipod
Danny’s Deer Flask with books and other necessities.

what lives in my room
What lives in my room

My little art station. A creature comfort straight from first grade.

Currently listening to Before the Dawn Heals us by M83


Written by pocheco

August 15, 2007 at 8:39 am

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