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Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse August 2007, originally uploaded by c.j.b.

Early this morning brought a Lunar Eclipse over the west coast. I have never seen an eclipse before until last night, it was amazing. I had to stay up pretty late; about 1:45 am I wandered out onto my patio and set up a cafe chair so I could sit and watch the moon change. At first, it kind of looked like the moon was just going through its normal wane, but the transition was taking place in an hour instead of a month. Still, it looked like it was happening so slowly.

Towards the end of the moon disappearing, instead of the crescent getting smaller and finally fading out, like normal, the shadow of the sun obscured the moon like a manhole cover, until the final bit of moonlight seeping out glared like a side view of a blazing white cornea out of a disembodied eye.

When the last bit of light finally crept behind the giant disc of shadow in the sky, and the moon was a deep orange glowing ball, I found myself a tiny bit fearful of this weird change that was happening to the moon. What if it never came out from behind that shadow? Would tides be affected? Would our gravity somehow be changed? I wonder what people thought of lunar eclipses in times before we were able to scientifically explain them.


Well, today, August 28th, marks one year since I left Boston. This time last year, Maggie and I were cruising through New York and Pennsylvania on our way to Pittsburgh. Although it’s not hard to believe I’ve been out of Boston for a year, it is hard to believe that I’ve been in Las Vegas so long.

I’ve got a new job now. I work for a magazine called Casino Connection as a graphic designer. The job is pretty good and I like the work. After being out of work for a month, I was ready to get back into a normal job and a normal routine. Once again, my life is settling down into comfort. It’s a nice feeling.

This weekend, Logan is coming to visit. He’s never been to Las Vegas before, or at least that he can remember, so I’m going to have a great time playing tour guide to Sin City and beyond. We’re going to go camping and I’m gonna take him to Valley of Fire. I’m really excited to head back there, it’s so lovely. Hopefully it will be cool enough to sleep, and hopefully there will be spaces open to camp.

Although the summer heat seems to be retracting, it’s still so hot that I can’t drive around comfortably without the AC on. I tried to sit in my car in a parking lot today and read my new issue of National Geographic , but it was so hot that I couldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes before I had to come back inside.

Nights are a little better, though. It’s getting so where I am almost able to sleep without the AC on in our house. A couple of weeks more, and it will be fall. I have almost made it through my first Las Vegas summer.

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August 28, 2007 at 8:47 pm

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