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Disgusting (Vol 1)

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Nastier than the hollowed-out rotting corpse of a porpoise.


Make otherwise normal feet look like trapped wedges of festering flesh.


Contort the body in a way that looks unnatural and nauseating


Make feet look like man-eating, disembodied crescents, garbled and malevolent.

Ballet Shoes_f

Off the feet, they’re limp and filthy, like a discarded condom found next to a dumpster.


Staring at ballet slippers is like taking a tour through a meat-packing plant: the tallow and gristle of the corpses make you want to never eat meat again.

ballet shoe1

To touch them is like handling a rotting corpse of a pig-sty jellyfish.


I hate the way people curve their feet in them, it always reminds me of someone who has taken arsenic, and whose spine is curling wrong-ways, until it cracks and kills its victim.


Just think: actual animals have been killed and repurposed into these flimsy, filmy, ballon-like sacks of sloth afterbirth.

I hate ballet slippers. The very word ‘slippers’ angers me, intoxicates my rage. I’ve hated them from the first moment I saw them, even as a child.

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Written by pocheco

September 28, 2007 at 5:48 am

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