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Pine Creek Canyon

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Red Rock Map (Pine Creek Canyon)
Map of Red Rock Canyon Loop

I got a map of all the hiking trails in Red Rock out of a cool little newsletter the BLM publishes for Red Rock Canyon park. I have decided to hike all of them and document them here in my blog. Today was my first hike, to Pine Creek Canyon (I have hiked up to Calico Tanks before, but I’m starting over with this new map so I can mark them all off). So, without further ado,

Stats from the BLM newsletter:

Pine Creek Canyon

Easy-Moderate | 300 ft [90m] | 2 hours | 3 miles [4.8km]

This trail takes you across the open desert, past an old homestead site and into the canyon. You may find seasonal waterfalls. Unimproved trails in the canyon require some tricky rock scrambling.

Pine Creek Canyon Trail Head (in Red Rock Canyon) This is a picture of the trail head, about mile 12 into the 13 mile loop. Allison and I met at 9 this morning and started about 10 by the time we reached the trail. It took almost exactly two hours. It was pretty easy, but there were a few times we had to scramble over rocks, but mostly that was because we got off the trail a little bit.

Ruins of Pine Creek Homestead (1928)
We found the remains of the homestead on the way back. It’s just a concrete base, but the area is lovely and incredibly lush for the desert. We didn’t really see waterfalls, per se, but we did see some little streams (water unsafe to drink).

Allison at Pine Creek Canyon
Allison thought I should take a picture of this rock bed, so I snapped a picture of her sitting down for a short break.

Pine Creek Canyon (in Red Rock Canyon)
View from the top of the trail. It has the largest concentration of natural-growing pine trees I’ve seen in the Mojave. It almost didn’t feel like the desert.

Pine Creek Canyon (in Red Rock Canyon)
The peak on the left has a red cap, which makes Pine Creek Canyon easily recognizable from the road. (You can also see this peak on the trail head picture above)

Can Anyone Identify this cactus
Cool cactus and view of Red Rock Canyon. There are several of these cacti in the park, and I am unable to identify what they are. I think they might be some sort of cholla, but I am not sure.

Trail out of Pine Creek Canyon
Final part of the trail, as we climb back to the head. I like the yuccas here, I think they look cool against the sky.

We didn’t see much wildlife on this trip, which was a bit disappointing. I saw a few birds (probably ravens). We did see a couple of chameleons, and Allison said she saw one change color, but I didn’t. Which was sad. Because that would have been awesome.

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