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UPDATE: Radiohead did NOT rip me off

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UPDATE: I forgot that I was dealing with Pounds, NOT Euros. The symbol on the order screen is plainly a Pound symbol. I messed it up, not Radiohead. Sorry for the confusion. Jeeze I feel dumb. But, hey! I’m an American.

So, one of my favorite bands, Radiohead, has a new album out, In Rainbows. You can purchase the album disc sometime in December, but the band is offering a digital copy for download as of October 10.

The band is doing something unprecedented and really cool, allowing you to choose the price of the digital download. Instead of charging you the standard $10-$15 dollars to download MP3s of their album, they are charging…whatever you feel like paying. It’s such a cool concept–friendly, fair, optimistic.

When you get to the order screen, this is what you see:


When you click the question mark next to the empty price field, you see this:


So, I was like, ‘awesome, I can get this album for $.10 or $300, whichever I choose to give to Radiohead.’

They’re a band from England, so you have to pay for it in Euros. With a quick check to the Euro converter site, I decided that with what money I have right now, I could afford about $8.50 for the album, which is about 5.9 Euros. I typed in 5.9 into the Euro field, hit ‘pay’,and the site said it would tack on a small service fee that totaled about $.50. Ok, whatever, fine. I was expecting my total for the album to be $9.00.

But, now that my check has cleared, this Radiohead album is costing me $12.11, according to my bank account. Why? Were there hidden fees? I don’t understand. I am kind of pissed, because, after all, I ended up getting charged a price that a typical digital album would cost, when I specifically only wanted to pay $9.

If you bought this album, did it happen to you?

I am loving some new songs off the album, “All I Need” and “House of Cards” are two of my favorites so far. And I want to love Radiohead and this album, but I am always going to think of this as the album where they took me for more than I was wiling to give.



Written by pocheco

October 16, 2007 at 2:26 pm

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  1. I was going to add to myspace, but I can’t from work. The sign on Radiohead’s page is for a pound and not a Euro. The pound is actually a bit over 2 to 1 for USD. So, no, they didn’t rip you off. It was converted into the improper unit price.

    5.9 British pounds = 12.02302 U.S. dollars


    October 17, 2007 at 6:55 pm

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