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Man, oh man. What a week. I have been at the office every single day this past week, working tons of overtime trying to get ads done for CCNV, RD&E designed and assembled, GGBW newsletter made, and business cards for GGB. I would spell out all those letters, but I’m lazy and you don’t care. It’s just business stuff. Know this: I’ve been working my ass off. I stayed until 8:30 on Friday, worked from 10-6pm on Saturday,and 1:30 to 8:30 today. There’s still so much to be done before a big
deadline on Wednesday. I’m a little stressed out. I kind of want the next week to be over so I can put all this behind me. I planned to stay later than 8:30 tonight, but I hadn’t eaten in a long time and I started to get shaky and angry, so I left.

To make matters worse, yesterday, one of my coworkers decided to have a casting session for this side movie project, and told no one. I went into work at 10, expecting to be super productive and get a bunch of stuff done, but 1:00 toddlers and parents started pouring in the door and taking over the lobby next to my cubicle. I had children staring at me, and basically started functioning as a receptionist for parents with model/actor children. Ugh. I got all pissed and indignant, seeing as I didn’t know it was happening when I went in that morning, nor did I even know he did that kind of stuff.

I yelled at the coworker and told him that if he had something planned at the office for Sunday, he better fucking cancel it. He did, which was nice of him. Since I was the only one working in the office (besides Mr. Child Movie Caster) I called my coworkers. They were shocked, stunned. They had no idea it was going on either. At least they’re on my side. The whole situation was a circus.

To make matters more interesting, my roommate’s parents were here staying a week in town. They’re from Chicago, but seem to be Vegas natives in the way they dress/talk. They stayed in the room next to mine. For some reason, one of them got up about every three minutes after midnight and kept opening and closing the doors and flushing the toilet every three minutes. They are very nice people, but I am glad they are gone.

I bitch, but the truth is I am really happy working on my projects. I am putting a ton of care into this magazine I’m designing, and want everything to be perfect. I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and I think it’s getting the better of my mood.

I came home tonight to an empty house and made dinner and sat down on the couch to try to find something to watch on TV. I found the movie American Beauty, which I have only seen once and it was a very long time ago. So I decided to watch it to cheer me up. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I seem to remember that movie having a happy ending. It does not. Well, I suppose the ending voice over is optimistic, but that isn’t exactly a feel-good movie. Especially that Elliott Smith song when the credits roll.

I thought I would try to go to sleep early tonight and get to work early tomorrow, but now I’m awake and not really ready for sleep. So I made a cup of tea and am writing this.

The one highlight of my weekend was Sheri & Bobby’s Halloween party. They always throw great parties, and they really went all out for Halloween. They both had awesome costumes and their house looked spectacular. I had never seen so much cool Halloween stuff. It was the usual crowd, Andrea, Chops, Justin, Debbie, and me, but this time Billie Marie came, which was great. We played beer pong and Guitar Hero and Asshole. It was one of those nights when I really felt like drinking to oblivion, but I didn’t, for some strange reason.

The mood was a little different than usual because our dear friend Chops has contracted testicle cancer and has to get one removed on Tuesday. We are all very concerned for him. And I’ve been thinking about him non-stop. He seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, and with a bit of humor. He’s a better person than me, because I would be very unpleasant to be around if that happened to me, but Chops has been just as sweet as ever.

My roommate’s cat, Nigel, who disappeared like 12 days ago, reappeared 6 am Tuesday morning, meowing at the door and filthy. I was happy he was back because my roommate was very concerned about him, but that vindictive little asshole took another shit next to my room because I shut my door to keep him out.

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October 22, 2007 at 6:34 am

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