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Red Sox Win World Series!

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Johnny Papelbon

So, something unprecedented happened tonight: I sat down in front of a TV to watch a sports game. The last game of the 2007 World Series.

Oh, sure, I’ve been to Super Bowl parties where I “watched” sports on TV, (but really was just there for the food and the funny commercials). I even sat down to “watch” part of the World Cup last summer, although mainly I was interested in the amazing gnocchi the bar was serving up during the game.

Something about televised sports games has always left me feeling, oh, I don’t know…bored out of my skull. But tonight, I watched 5, repeat: 5 innings of the baseball game, and by myself to boot! There was no one there I was humoring and no boys to impress, I was simply interested in watching the game. Why, you ask? Well, I have a special place in my heart for the Boston Red Sox after having lived in Boston twice for a total of three years, and I wanted them very much to win the game.

And I knew that this game was going to be the championship for the Sox if they could win. And boy, did they ever! That game was exciting, especially the last inning! I was so into it, that I even shouted with my fists in the air when they won! How uncharacteristic of me. I reminded myself of my Mom when she gets excited about OU football games. My roommate came running down the stairs, in her robe, all concerned and discombobulated. “Is everything ok?” she said. “Yeah, Sox just won the World Series.” “Oh,” she said, and went back up stairs. Well, she’s a football fan.

Well, good for the Red Sox. They’re a great team, they’re from an even better city.

I was living in Boston when the Sox won the World Series in 2004. I remember it quite clearly: Danny and I, who weren’t watching the game, turned on FOX to try to catch Sunday night Simpsons. However, instead of my beloved yellow TV family, there was a field and a ball and bats and men. Oh yes, I remembered: It was the final game for the Red Sox that night in St. Louis. There had been much hype in Boston, every single person was wearing something Red Sox. People were biting their knuckles and cheering and the whole city felt electric, waiting to see if the Red Sox would break their 86 year losing streak.

When the final ball was hit and the point was scored and the Red Sox won, wow, something very unusual and great happened in Boston. The entire town screamed, in unison. Danny and I were sitting on our shitty couch that we had got from the dumpster, and through our open windows, a shrill, crescendo of a scream storm exploded from what seemed like every angle of our neighborhood.

Danny and I ran to our neighbors, Chris and Carolyn’s, house, they handed us celebratory beers, and we all ran out into the night screaming. We weren’t baseball fans, at least not me and Danny. But it was something to celebrate, and mobs are fun, at least when they’re happy.

We ran down our street out to Harvard Ave, where bajillions of the hipster Allston residents were descending upon the streets in a giant tidal wave. There were cops standing on the street corners, prepared to deal with the masses, and beer was everywhere. People were hi-fiving each other, women were flashing strangers, enemies were kissing and hugging, and peace and drunken loveliness reigned over the city as Boston sighed a collective sigh of relief and validation after those 86 years of loss.

I never saw anything like that celebration, and I probably never will again. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sports spectacle where everyone was super happy and in love with their home-town baseball team.

I am happy for Boston this evening. Wish I could be there. I am certain that some sort of crazy celebration is happening this very moment in Bean town. There’s no way it can equal what I saw as I ran through on the streets screaming on October 27 2004.

Here’s a link to a post I wrote about going to a Red Sox game in 2006 at Fenway Park.

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October 29, 2007 at 5:37 am

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