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Just an East Coast State of Mind

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It’s cold outside tonight, cold like it hasn’t been since February. I have a new book and some of this crazy tea I found at a decaying grocery store.

I love the smell of fresh ink on paperback book pages and the taste of this warm bitter tea traveling down my neck. It is the color of blood and includes passion fruit and rose hips, among other things. What are rose hips?

And then there’s the Morphine. Something about Mark Sandman’s gravelly voice and those saxophones and his lyrics that are always talking about sex even when they’re not, are calming and transcendent, like a night walk through a city park. The music smells like incense, mulled wine and cigarettes.

I met another Grandaddy fan this week, and am still loving going to work. I feel, finally, in control of my life. It’s been sooo long.

A lot of what I thought I was missing from Boston was really here all along, hibernating, until some pieces finally fit into place. I am happy, wholly and completely, once again. And it’s the best feeling, ever.

I still miss the smell of the subway and watching the red line rushing by, 60 miles an hour, just inches from my nose, huge and dangerous.

But now, after all this time, Las Vegas is finally my home.

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November 22, 2007 at 7:01 am

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blogworld expo

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So, I went to the blogworld expo today at the Las Vegas Convention center. My company paid for me to go, because we are thinking of expanding our website to include some blogging stuff.

I was interested in going, partly because of my business blog, but also some of the cool stuff I learned about for my personal blog.

I went to three sessions, and they were mostly filled with smug, self-righteous nerds who want every one to believe that they’re super smart. Most of the people seemed cold and distant, but at least most of the vendors were pretty cool. The whole scene made me tense and angry. I went by myself, so I spent the entire day concentrating on avoiding the assholes and learning as much as I could.

I did pick up some cool schwagg, however…

Here are some of the cooler things everyone was talking about:

Tech Selector:
Not really a blog site, per se, but they are a cool site that helps you pick, step-by-step the right kind of electronic gizmos [ie, mp3 players, phones, cameras, computers, etc] from a world of confusing choices. They showed me how I might choose a digital camera from the millions on the market, based on what I might or might not want. It was a super cool site, with helpful pictures and everything, and the guys who ran the booth were super cool. Link.

blurb: they print your blog, pictures included, into a hard back or soft back book. and it seemed really simple to use. A cool thing about this, also, is that it integrates with iPhoto and Flickr, so this company goes to find the highest-res version of your photo for the book, so it’s not printing out the non-print quality images that most people print on their site. Also, the girl there said they just made a partnership with, so that you can print your personal recipe box into a cook book. cool! +, their website is pretty slick. Link.

cocomment: this company allows you to track comments on blog, and who is re-commenting or replying to your comments. plus they have an awesome logo. Link

talk shoe: a pun on “talk show”. set up your own personal talk show! it seemed like a live podcast/webinar type thing, where people can text, call or email in during your presentation to comment or contribute. “Live and Recorded Interactive Discussions” Link.

podango: podcasting made easy, with audience monitoring and syndication tools + lots more. Link

lijit: “Give awesome results Install the Lijit Search Wijit on your blog to give readers the most relevant results from a source they trust. YOU.” They also have a kick ass logo. Link.

Utterz: Cool ways to post to your blog, like via text messaging, and text mash-up stuff. They’re super new, like less than two months old. The booth guy said in a few weeks, they will be unveiling a service that translates your voice to text, so you can phone blogs in that will be converted to text and then posted to your blog. I also heard that there is another company, Jott, that does something similar with the voice-to-words translation, but I haven’t checked it out yet. The guy who was there liked Grandaddy and lived in Boston. Of course, I stayed and talked to him for a while. Link.

CLIQ: I haven’t fully checked it out yet, but it seems as if it’s a little widget for your blog that allows you to have a little scroll of people whos blog you read. From the website: “You will be the Leader of this new group of blogs working together to increase your collective reach and readership. Your new CLIQ’s Widget will feature posts from your blog — as well as any other blogs you invite to join your CLIQ.” Anyway, it’s another company with a cool logo. Link.

Snip Print: Collects blogs, news feeds and emails and prints them out for you in newsletter form, each morning, the morning treat, right along with your automatic coffee maker. Mmm. Link

Sodahead: A super-sexy looking poll site that allows you to put poll widgets on your blog. One of my favorite booths at the convention. They gave me a frisbee! Link.

Of course some of the bigger companies were there, like Yahoo (who had cool toys for free, but I had no idea what they were promoting, and the sales people were all super busy). Also, Blog Critic, whom I loved, because their people were SUPER cool, and they gave me tons of free music, books (good ones) and a tote bag, too.

By the way, everyone was talking about Twitter, so I signed up for an account. If you’re on there, look me up: sarah5646766. Thanks!

I have more to post, but I have left some of the information at work and so I’ll have to finish this post tomorrow.

Anyway, I hope to implement some of these cool new things in my blog in the upcoming weeks. I even have a cool idea for a podcast!

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November 9, 2007 at 6:18 am

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Art Director?!?

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So, last week was excellent!!! I got a promotion to Art Director (oh my, what were they thinking!) Also, I got a raise, a chance to move out of my cubicle into an office, a bonus for RD&E, and RD&E came back from the press and it looks great! Life is lovely.

I am the happiest I’ve been since I left Boston.


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November 6, 2007 at 5:38 am

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