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Christmas Tree Lighting on Fremont Street, Or, The World is Not a Cold, Dead Place

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Fremont Street at Christmastime
Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Last night I went downtown to Fremont Street with my coworker, Greg. He was going to photograph the lighting of the Christmas Tree and a Las Vegas dignitary, and I just tagged along for the ride. We got a little bit of special access to shoot on a bridge high above Fremont Street. We met Jeff Victor to photograph for the cover of our magazine. Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of The Fremont Street Experience, aka, CEO of ‘Crazy Downtown Vegas’. He came with his marketing director(?) Lisa and they stood while Greg took pictures.

Greg was trying to photograph Victor while a minute-and-a-half show played on the curved LCD screen (see screen above, although not showing anything at the moment I photographed it). Greg took a few shots but didn’t get time to get the one he wanted before the little movie was over and the screen went back to blank. Then, Lisa made a quick phone call and suddenly, it was playing again! It looped a few times, without sound, so that Greg could get his pictures. It was neat. Wish I had the phone number to turn that giant TV screen on.

Afterwards, we ducked into the Griffin for a beer (seen in the photo below, bottom right) which was nice because they had a cozy fireplace and it was almost empty.

At six pm, we walked back over to the stage, just left of the Christmas Tree in the above photo, below the 4 Queens, and watched Mayor Goodman give his speech and joke about how he had just come from the bar–here here!! Santa Claus was there, and some women in sexy Christmas costumes (ah, Vegas). Plus, Jeff Victor was up there and some other VIPs as well. There was a ceremony–thankfully brief, it was cold!–and then they flipped a giant toy light switch and the tree came on, in tandem with the screen overhead and loud, blaring Christmas music. Fake snow came blasting out of machines, and Greg took a couple of pictures and we ran to escape the snow.

Back to the Griffin for a few more to warm us on the way home, before I settled into a long winter’s nap. It was a nice evening to celebrate Christmas. I have found that if I don’t make an effort to go do those Christmasy types of things, it comes and goes without me realizing it, and I always regret that negligence. So, it was a fun event to help get me into the spirt of the season, even if that giant fir tree was surrounded by palms.

The World is Not a Cold, Dead Place
Fremont East District (looking the other direction from the photo above)

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December 12, 2007 at 1:44 pm

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