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White Rock Trail

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Map of Red Rock Canyon Trail System

I went hiking on a new (for me) trail yesterday in Red Rock Canyon, and it was gorgeous! This time I went with my friend Charlie, and he has a pretty good knowledge of most of the trails at the park, which is awesome, cause I know so few. This trail requires a little off-road driving to reach, but it’s not that bad.

Moonrise over Red Rock

For January, the weather was wonderful. I wore a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt underneath, and jeans, and that’s it! Didn’t even need a jacket or a vest. It was sunny and just gorgeous. Above is my favorite photo of the entire hike. The moon was rising and the red sandstone looked bold and just majestic.

View of Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas

There are several trails you can take at White Rock, and I’m not sure which one we took, but it was pretty easy. The trail was pretty well marked, and there was a tiny bit of scrambling, but nothing that any able-bodied person couldn’t easily scale.

White Rock trail

We went up, up, and then plateaued and then descended back into a valley a bit. We walked into a woodsy area, uncommon for the desert, of juniper and some pine and a bunch of other trees I can’t identify.

Cool Old Tree

Here’s a picture of a cool old guy I found on the trail. He looked like he’d been around for a long, long time.

White Rock

Here’s a photo of the trail head. We hiked for about 2.5 hours and had it been a little earlier in the day when we arrived, we probably would have stayed out for longer, but we had to turn around so as not to get trapped out in the dark.

I haven’t done much hiking in the last few months, so this was an especially invigorating trip. I had a great time, thanks to Charlie who knew where we were going and was kind enough to bring chocolate and cheese for the hike.

Driving back home, in the desert sunset, I got that wonderful feeling that I sometimes get, when I remember that I’m living in the western desert. The buildings seem to loom twice as tall and the atmosphere thins and I can feel the curve of the earth as we cross over its surface. That feeling makes me love living here.

Here’s a link to the post about the last hike I did in Red Rock in Sept of 2007 [link]


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