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Casino Connection NEW

Yay!!! Did I mention my job kicks ass?! I love my job. Since I started Casino Connection, I have been promoted from ad designer to art director, which has revealed the amazing opportunity to redesign an *ENTIRE* magazine. With the help of many magazines* and people**, I have almost completed this process. The whole project has been…wow…thrilling and educational. Of course design is always changing and I’ll probably be modifying this a little with each issue, but for the most part, the new look is settled.

See new cover above. I have redesigned the logo, the cover format and chosen new fonts. Also, how great is this: the kickoff issue of our new design features Bugsy Siegel, great mob boss of Las Vegas. Mob stories are exciting; how can you not be drawn into a magazine with a halftone patterned photo of a violent-yet-charming dead badass? Resistance is futile. So I got lucky there.

Below is old cover, how the magazine looked when I started.

Casino Connection OLD
This issue drives me esp. crazy. Goodbye forever, weird cover.

Below is the layout for the mob story featured in our March Issue. The story actually downplays the romanticism of the mob’s role in Vegas. But no worries, I designed it emphasize the sensationalism, but hopefully in a subtle way. I wanted to use a gun on the cover for a while. Thankfully I got over that.

Mob Story Pg 1
I LOVE huge letters on flat colored backgrounds, always delicious! I overlapped the letters on purpose which looks a little funny cause the letters are supposed to look like neon signs, but I like it. Plus, how classy and stalwart is Our Friend Helvetica? Helvetica’s like a string of pearls, it will never go out of style.

Mob Story Pg 2
Here’s a super contrasty photo of Bugsy Siegel. I purposely obscured his face so that he represents the typical mobster, with the mobster hat and suit and shoes. That’s a Rolls Royce he’s leaning on,but you really can’t tell there.

Mob Story Pg 3
I tried to keep the designey elements to a minimum here to help keep the yellow strong and powerful. I like the combo of black and yellow…seems a little dangerous and that’s why I chose it for this layout.

Including several Las Vegas gangsters in one of my designs is truly a highlight of my career thus far!

Mob Story Pg 4
The last image was taken from the extensive collection of Mr.’Vintage Vegas’ on Flickr, who was kind enough to help me out today.

The photo is actually a gorgeous color photo, but I just couldn’t justify introducing a color photo in the last bit of the layout when everything else is two color.

BTW, two color design is soo fun. I love it.

It’s getting printed on Monday, yay!

* Thanks for the killer magazine design inspiration, the likes of amazingly designed magazines Paste, Good, Business Week, Esquire, Rolling Stone & Sports Illustrated. I have to thank those magazines because I was going over and over them everyday to find new ways to think about magazine layout.

**Great thing about Roger & Becky, whom I work for, is that they entertain wild ideas about what I like and actually seem to encourage them, so I thank them. I usually go with the craziest idea I think of for a design, and Roger & Becky humor me. Thanks to Greg Jones, who’s a great editor, a respectable man and a super fun guy, and Christina, our funny & happy new ad designer, as well as everyone else in the office who have all been super supportive on my projects. Thanks also to the constant encouragement from friends & family, which means so much.

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