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Zappos Party at Rain

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Andrea invited me to a Zappos party at Rain in the Palms, Las Vegas. Above is a video of some of the entertainment they had at Rain. In addition to sexy bodies writhing to techno music from a suspended metal sphere (it was pretty hot), there were ice sculptures (some with holes drilled through them—people were pouring shots to chill the liquor), there were celebrities (Jamie Foxx, although I never did see him there), fire dancers (one of which is on the roller derby team!), free booze (kick ass), scantily-clad dancers (with painted-on tattoos), and, to top it all off, live penguins swimming in one of the pools on the outdoor upper pool deck, overlooking the strip (sooo cute and happy).

Let’s face it. The Palms is full of horrible people. All the big, trashy celebrities hang out there and there’s always UFC fighting. That aside, it’s a beautiful, beautiful hotel.

Plus, Zappos knows how to throw a kick-ass party. They NEVER disappoint. Thanks, Andrea, for the invitation! It was so fun to go there with you.

Pictures below.

Palms sign

Sphere dancers inside club Rain at the Palms

Sphere dancers inside club Rain at the Palms

Zappos ice sculpture at the Palms

Andrea and  I at the Zappos party at the Palms.

The Zappos ice sculpture at the Palms pool.

Palms pool deck (upper level)

Penguins at the Palms pool deck

Penguins at the Palms pool deck

Palms pool deck (lower level)

Palms Hotel, Las Vegas

Cabanas at the Palms pool.

My Balloon Unicorn

Me riding the balloon unicorn at the Zappos party at the Palms.

Fire show at Rain in the Palms.

View of Las Vegas

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August 6, 2008 at 5:44 pm

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